The Black Prince

The Inspiration

The Black Prince – First British Indian Pub & Restaurant is inspired by the story of the last King of Panjab. Duleep Singh was the last Maharaja, of the Empire of Panjab. He was born on September 6, 1838, in Lahore, which was then the capital of his empire.

Personal life

Duleep Singh became the Maharaja

After his father’s death in 1839, Duleep Singh became the Maharaja at the age of just five. However, his reign was short-lived, as the British East India Company invaded Panjab in 1845 and annexed it in 1849. Duleep Singh was then taken as a prisoner of war along with his mother and other family members. In 1850, he was sent to England to live with Queen Victoria as a ward of the British government. He was educated in England the maharaja was very fond of hunting and hosting events he also may be credited with bringing north Indian style flavors and food to England.

The Black Prince - First British Indian Pub & Restaurant

More Than A Restaurant

We believe that with busy lives and less time in hand, people need to get ‘all in one’ – Food, Ambience, Music and Sports!

Food brings people together. And the variety we offer is a gourmet gift for everyone’s tongue on the same table. With so many dishes on the menu, there is one for every one!

There is an instant mood lift with clinking glasses, lively music, and the warm lighting of the wooden royal theme at The Black Prince. And this is just the beginning of your buddies bonding bonanza!

Your visit to our restaurant just gets better with the ongoing playlist of the choicest music and live sports screens. And what’s more, you could join one of our live music events and return home fulfilled.

Design Inspiration

  • The restaurant has been named after Daleep Singh who was the last prince of Punjab and was known as ‘The Black Prince – First British Indian Pub & Restaurant’.
    The Black Prince – First British Indian Pub & Restaurant is situated in Melbourne, Australia.The restaurant is a Pub & Grill.

  • The design direction is aimed to be classic and British.

  • The premium/royal treatment is intended to relate to the British Empire, owing to the Black Prince’s association to them.

  • The inspiration for use of the colour Gold is from the flourishing Sikh Empire, of which Daleep Singh was the last ruler. The colour palette of black & gold has hence been carried forward.