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The Story:

The Black prince Pub and Grill is inspired by the story of the last King of Panjab. Duleep Singh was the last Maharaja, of the Empire of Panjab. He was born on September 6, 1838, in Lahore, which was then the capital of his empire. After his father’s death in 1839, Duleep Singh became the Maharaja at the age of just five. However, his reign was short-lived, as the British East India Company invaded Panjab in 1845 and annexed it in 1849. Duleep Singh was then taken as a prisoner of war along with his mother and other family members. In 1850, he was sent to England to live with Queen Victoria as a ward of the British government. He was educated in England the maharaja was very fond of hunting and hosting events he also may be credited with bringing north Indian style flavors and food to England.

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The Restaurant :

It is based on a sports bar concept

It is a large space to catch live sports action with family and friends.
In addition to sport , live performances from artists and performers are organized for exciting evenings and weekends.

A stage , loud music and capacity of 101 makes the TBP a perfect venue to hold an event.

However it is not an Indian restaurant but rather a pub and grill. The bar is front and center and allows for the unequivocable impression that it can be sat on and and a wine or beer can be drunk at/in the bar area without feeling like you must eat.

The outdoor seating is just an irresistible invitation for you to step in the warm – The Black Prince Pub and Grill

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